Why a rainbow teapot?

teapotHave you noticed the rainbow teapot stickers on Phoenixville storefronts lately? Or, perhaps you’ve seen rainbow teapot stickers on West Chester bumper stickers, passing you as they head to the University. Wonderful! Then our message is spreading. The rainbow teapot is the logo for our new Chester County non-profit, LGBTea Dances, a non-profit whose vision is to create and sustain a safe and supportive environment for the Chester County LGBTQA community. We plan to do this by partnering with supportive local organizations in fundraising, education, and outreach activities.

What does the teapot symbolize? Why a rainbow? I’m glad you ask!

Let’s begin by defining the term “tea dance.” The original definition of the French term, “tea dance,” dating back to the 1800’s, refers to an early-evening dance party where locals would gather for tea, coffee, champagne, and other refreshments. The modern definition of the term “tea dance,” often abbreviated “tea,” refers to an afternoon “happy hour” where members of the gay community gather in a safe and supportive environment for drinking, eating, socializing, and dancing.

Today, “tea dances” are hosted around the country, especially in largely gay-populated cities and towns, like Provincetown, MA. “Tea dances” offer a sense of community and fun, without concern over homophobia, hatred, or harm. The “tea dance” is an all-inclusive setting for members of the LGBTQA community.

When we created our name “LGBTea Dances,” we wanted to express our idea of hosting events, both social and educational, which created the same feeling of safety, security, and belonging. We are working with organizations and companies around the Philadelphia suburban area in an effort to host events throughout the year that support the LGBTQA community in Chester County and surrounding areas.

The rainbow teapot sticker symbolizes our vision. We are creating modern LGBT “tea dances.” By placing a rainbow teapot on your storefront, front door, or car bumper, you are showing your support for the LGBTQA community. You are letting our community know that you are an ally, a safe haven, a company, person, or place supportive of our initiatives.

Also, Thank you to Virtual Farm Creative for creating our logo!

NewsCarrie Pizzillo-Stare